Newest Design – A Sign for the times.

Hi Warrior Friends,

Below is a picture of the latest design I have completed.

It’s been quite an interesting journey to produce this design (they always are!) and I have once again been totally blessed by God as I worked with Him to complete this. Below the design picture is the writeup I did to explain just what is included in this amazing design. I also believe this is truly a sign for our times, as my attention was drawn to a number of global incidents which really confirmed the timely completion of this design. Be blesssed, Amanda.








“”I have had a crash course in history with the Lord over the past few days. I have learnt that there were quite a number of Jewish Australian and Jewish New Zealanders who fought at Gallipoli and went on to fight with the Light Horse brigades in the Negev Desert. I discovered that there was a whole military unit of committed and valiant Jews who served at Gallipoli. The Zion Mule Corps under John Henry Patterson, I quote Jerry Klinger “distinguished itself well in the hell of Gallipoli with courage, purpose and steadfastness. They showed themselves reborn examples of biblical Jewish soldiery. They demonstrated their willingness to bravely pay with their blood, which they did in Gallipoli, for Palestine.”

There were forces working against them however; Patterson was in poor health and the Jews were sent to Egypt and Patterson went to London, unaware of the unit’s demise in May 1916 after only about 12 months. The promise to the unit that if they proved themselves, they would be able to fight for Palestine was broken. The British Secretary of war, Lord Kitchener was against the Jews being a fighting unit which is why the Zion Mule Corp was a service unit and never officially saw any fighting, other ethnic units were fine but not a Jewish unit. When in London recuperating, Patterson was approached by Jabotinsky; a revisionist Zionist leader and an eventual co-founder of the Jewish Legion of the British Army; to assist with the formation of an all Jewish unit which Jabotinsky had explained to Patterson that Kitchener would not allow. Patterson wholeheartedly agreed to help, stating to Jabotinsky about Kitchener, “realities are stronger than Lord Kitchener”. Only a few days after their meeting Kitchener’s ship on the way to a meeting with Russia hit a mine and Kitchener’s body was never found. The blockage to the formation of a Jewish Army was dead.

Over a short period of time, Patterson with Jabotinsky’s assistance formed and became the Colonel of the Jewish Legion. It is interesting to note that Patterson was a devout Christian, well versed in the understanding of the Jews right to their homeland and well prepared to put himself on the line to see it through. Once again there were forces trying to stop this all from going ahead.

But God!

Patterson was allowed to lead the Jewish legion if only they had no reference to their Jewishness, they became known as the 38th Fusiliers, otherwise known as the Jewsiliers. This group became the core of what is now today the IDF, and Patterson is considered the Godfather of the IDF.

In parallel with the Zion Mule Corps fighting on the cliffs of Gallipoli were Jewish Australians and Jewish New Zealanders, these indomitable warriors became known as ANZACS. So there were Jewish ANZACS who fought at Gallipoli and who this banner has been made to honour and pay respect to, for the sacrifices they made. Although they may have been less in number than the non-Jews they were no less significant in the history of our nation Australia and their own homeland, known as Palestine then, but known today as Israel.  As the group finally evolved to become the 38th Fusiliers it is important to note that they were instrumental in assisting Allenby to be able to achieve his objective of Jerusalem. They fought the Turkish defenders with courage and valour and combined with other units who Allenby commanded, including the 10th Light horse, saw the Turks overthrown, the whole of Palestine, including Gaza and Jordan had been liberated.

One of the key things that Patterson stated throughout his lifetime of service to the Jews, was that they had a right to “ fight and defend their homeland”. It was also said that Patterson did what no Jew could have done.

This banner depicts an ANZAC mounted cavalry or infantryman, they were also the NZMR and they are the Zion Mule Corps. Even though the ZMC were not officially fighting, many of them did to support those they were serving. So the horse represents the mule as well. The warrior on the horse is Jewish, Australian and New Zealand as shown by the three nation’s flags. The word ANZAC in Gold with the second A shown as a gold Star of David blazing with fire and dripping with blood. There are two reasons for this. One is a saying in a poem which was adopted by the HaShomer, a defence group prior to the formation of the Jewish Legion; which says: “in blood and fire Judah fell, in blood and fire Judah will rise”. The other reason is that it is through the Holy Spirit (fire) and the Blood of Yeshua that Judah will rise once again.

To me this shows the deep zeal and passion the Jews have for their land which the great El Shaddai has placed in their hearts at the time of Abraham. This zeal and passion is also in the hearts of the ANZACS, it’s what made them such zealous warriors, and I believe this is a God given zeal.  The Hebrew writing in silver says spiritual ANZAC, which is written in the earth, the land of Israel, this is because God has written this into the land, and the battle is for the land.

The Hebrew under the flags says “shomrim’ the root word for this is Shomer or watchman. Shomrim is plural. Shomrim means watchers or guards, some would say gatekeepers. This is a reference to what I believe is a God ordained destiny of the ANZAC nations as ‘Gatekeepers or Watchmen’ over Israel and the Jews.  We would be naïve and neglectful as one of those nations to assume our role in Israel ended at the close of WW1 and again at the close of WW2. In these end times days, our nation’s gifts and call are being revealed once again and we cannot sit on our hands and expect things to turn out for good. We must assist, equip and encourage Israel and the Jews in their right to ‘fight and defend’ their promised land, like Patterson did on behalf of the Jews in his day.

I believe it is the end time destiny of the ANZAC nations to be a part of the end time’s battle for the Land of Israel. How we fight is the only thing left to determine, that we will fight is an inevitable outcome. The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing. The ANZACS are Gods ‘good men’ to turn the tide of evil in our day, and as they were all those years ago they will need to keep up the fight for freedom.

The poppies on this design are for remembrance but not as you would usually remember the fallen soldiers, if you notice the cap badges in the earth / soil under the poppies it’s to show those who have fallen in battle, but there are footprints leading away from there which show that their zealous fighting spirit lives on. I think of these footsteps as belonging to Patterson, who fought alongside his men, and who gave his life in service for the cause of the Jews. As well as the many fallen Australian and New Zealand Anzacs who also gave their lives in service to the battle for the land of Israel and a homeland for the Jews.

Look Patterson up and see just how zealous he was for Zion and the life and legacy he left in his desire to see the Jews have the “right to fight and defend their land”. We are to walk in their footsteps with the same spirit. The ANZACS may be able to do what no Jew can do, fight and defend their land once again!

The cap badges show again the NZMR, ALH and the ZMC. The sun is rising in the background with the rays of light spreading across the land, as the dawning of a new day brings new mercies and the glory of the Lord rising upon us. The Southern Cross constellation is fading in the light of the dawn but is there to remind us of ALL the ANZACS from all the ‘southlands of the Holy Spirit”. All the island nations whose warriors fought as ANZACS:  Vanuatu, Fiji, Tonga, etc.  The only ANZACS I haven’t yet mentioned are the Indigenous ANZACS, New Zealand Maori ANZACS and Australian Indigenous ANZACS and also the Jewish  New Zealand Maori ANZACS and Jewish Australian Indigenous ANZACS. This is why the rider is in silhouette. So no one can take all the credit, he is indistinguishable in the morning light with the sun behind his back, he could be any tribe or tongue.

The key purpose for this design is to call forth this spiritual ANZAC anointing for the Jewish ANZAC believers today, that they would receive this anointing from God and for them to remember their right to “fight and defend their land” as Patterson would say. I believe this banner will call forth the ANZAC nations and individuals into their end times destiny in the Lord, this includes the nation of Israel.       “”                         Amanda Carlyle Feb 20th 2015

the confirmation i received of the timeliness of this design was a newspaper headline in an Australian news website “Watch out ISIL, the Anzacs are coming:
Read more at” and an article in the ICEJ Word from Jerusalem about John Henry Patterson and the Zion Mule Corps. on page 24, read that article here:

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