CPN Conference September 2012

Below are a few photos from the “like no other’conference held in Sydney, Australia in September 2012.
It was an incredible conference with delegates from around the world, we were so blessed to be together worshipping God for over 100 hours continuously! Below is a comment from one of the attndees, which makes reference to one of my banners which was used as part of a prophetic act on the last day of the conference, this prophetic act involved ‘passing’on the Spiritual Lighthorse Anointing to the youger generation. I had received a word from the Lord that this anointing had been ‘held in trust’, and that it was now time to hand it on. The Lord ensured that the confirmation came, and the prophetic act was fulfilled, Praise the Lord!Also check out the “On Location”page to see more of where the Lord has sent some of my banners recently…
Hope you are blessed to see these few pics!

Comment from Sister Diadema from Evangelical Sisters of Mary:
“the room was divided so that those under 40 years old stood on one side, and those over 40 years old on the other. A powerful time of prayer followed, during which those over 40, walked over to those under 40 and prayerfully passed on the “Anzac Spirit”, “empowering” them and commissioning them to “run for the goal”. A huge prophetic flag depicting the charge of the Light Horse Brigade at Beersheba was waved over and around the whole auditorium, and was handed over and given into the ownership of a chosen representative “leader” of the younger generation. It was a very powerful morning, and very significant as a fulfilment of the whole week.”










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