Throne Room Workshop


Hi Everyone,

All Glory to the Lord in Heaven!!

Well, it’s been a busy time over the past few weeks, I wanted to give you a brief update on the last workshop.

I have been just in AWE of Father God, since this workshop.

WOW! Is about all I can say to sum it up.

We spent a great few hours of worship before the Throne, out of that flowed some of the most incredible and anointed designs I  have ever seen!!

Considering that some people had NEVER done anything quite like this, or ever done “Prophetic Art’ before, I and they were extremely pleased with what was revealed to us from the Lord, and the equipping of the Lord for us all to complete the day!! It was long!! Many, many thanks to everyone who did so much to ensure we got home!!

 It is always such a special time when we do this, and as usual, the Lord did not disappoint us at all, we give HIM ALL THE GLORY DUE HIS NAME!!

Here is just one design of the many (ten) designs we had brought forth on the day!

Hope this inspires your imagination!



PS : For more on this event check out the Workshops link and click on 2011 – March!

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