Prophetic Revelation – the Heart of God

Prophetic Worship Banners are not just beautiful ‘works of art’! In the Kingdom of God they have a higher purpose in that they reveal and make known what is on the Father’s Heart! When I am painting the banners, I am always so aware of what the Father is revealing of Himself and His desires for us here on earth. Prophetic Revelation in the form of creative arts, including painting, dancing, singing, playing instruments, speaking etc always causes a change in the earth. This I believe is God’s intention, it calls forth that which is yet to be, and confirms that which already is. Over the past few months Father has revealed to me a ‘Prophetic Timeline’. This timeline is about what is on Father’s heart for the next season, it will call into being the things depicted on these banners. It will confirm those things which are already taking place, and most of all it will profess that God is Sovereign Lord of All.  I believe these banners show that we are God’s indicators of the seasons and times, as we focus of God, He causes us to become timekeepers for the Kingdom, what we pick up in the Spirit, reveals the intentions of God for the next season. These banners speak of the coming of the Lord, the character of God, the intentions of God, the heart of God and the Glory of God. My prayer is for you to be blessed as the Lord Himself reveals to you, what is on His heart for the coming season, may you be blessed and encouraged as you review this ‘Prophetic Timeline’, and all that it means for you.

Messiah's Gate - Open Golden Gate!
Isaiah 61- Justice for the Nations
Mercy Seat
Ketubah - The Wedding of the Lamb has come!
Ancient Doors - King of Glory!

2 thoughts on “Prophetic Revelation – the Heart of God

  1. Thank u whilst reading on banners it confirms what we picked up in the Spirit We appreciate the detailed banner as we are not artist but seeing these awesome confirmation The Blood The Holy Spirit The King of Glory Gates Mercy and Justice A urgency for the next season

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