What do we celebrate at Christmas?

What do we celebrate at this time of the year? With Christmas fast approaching it would be easy to say Jesus Christ’s birthday, after all wasn’t he born at this time.

There are many differing views on whether Jesus was actually born at this time or not, but regardless of all that it is the time many people celebrate His Birth!

There are many who don’t even know Jesus, and their Christmas seems to be filled with a day of food, presents and santa. An event really, one day!

Should we do Christmas this way? Should Christians have a Christmas filled with food, presents and Santa? It is a very hard choice to make, the whole world seems to be doing it, why shouldn’t we?

I guess for us, as a family, we try to remember that there are different views and that it isn’t so much about WHAT we celebrate as to WHO we celebrate!

It is important to remember that Jesus was born and came to provide salvation for the world through His death.

What is more important to remember at this time of the year, is not that He was a baby in the manger, but that He is the RISEN SON OF GOD!!

Throughout this year the Lord has been speaking to me about Himself being the FIRST and The LAST. The Beginning and the End.

He WAS before the world began and WILL BE when the time of the end comes. Our choice this year is to celebrate our LORD JESUS, this is who we celebrate, not a day on the calendar, and not an event, but a real LIVING SAVIOUR!


HE is the First WORD and the Final WORD, for the World!

Aleph Tav - the First and The Last!

Blessings and Shalom


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