Using Banners in Worship

Hopefully you’re here checking out this post, because you are a worshipper of God Almighty!

Here is a photo of a design I made with a precious friend, way back in January. I wanted to put it in a post to show you how God makes Banners sometimes for very specific uses… These are actually for dancing with, they are like ‘seraphim wings’ as one friend put it, when they were being used!  These ‘wings’ are used as a pair, and you can see in one of the photos, the amazing flow of the silk as they move, they really are such a beautiful design to use, and dance with…

Seraphim Wings
Moving Seraphim Wing


My experience with using Worship Banners to Glorify the Lord, began as part of a liturgical dance group. I began making small triangle shaped pennants or flags. We used them as part of our dancing to usher in the presence and glory of God. I was quickly moved by the Lord to begin making my own ‘art’ banners, which became more defined expressions of what the Lord was wanting conveyed by our dances.

 It is imperative that when using banners in worship that ‘every move you make’ glorifies the Father in heaven, and not you! Our worship must be acceptable to God, or He doesn’t have to accept it! It is like a ‘blemished animal’ if we come with the wrong heart or attitude. This principle in scripture began in Genesis in chapter 4. What we bring to the Lord is no longer under the ‘sacrificial law’, yet  it still needs to bring honour, glory and praise to the Lord. We need to remember that all we do with our Banners during worship, is a MINISTRY UNTO GOD. When I use Banners during worship, I do so, to bring honour to the Lord. We are ambassadors for Christ, therefore we need to bear in mind that our movements with or without banners are done expressly as ministry to the Lord. All of the designs I make have the Word of God on them, so when I minister to the Lord with my banners, I am in effect praying the Word back to the Father. This pleases God and brings Him Glory, it also effects change in the  earth realm , as we ‘use’ the Word like the ‘sword of the spirit’ that it is.

There are many different ways in which you can use a Worship Banner. Some are listed below, this list is not exhaustive and there may be ways I have not listed, the only Teacher is the Holy Spirit, listen to His direction when using Banners in Worship, and you can’t go wrong!

Worship Banners can be used:

  • As a prayer shawl, most of the banners I make are more than 1 metre square, this is a great size to lay over someone while they are in prayer or travail. Remove the banner off the stick and place the stick aside, lay the banner over the person.
  • As a wave offering, this is probably the most common use for a banner. All of the designs I make are able to be put on a stick. This is fantastic for large gatherings which are outside or in a large space. A wave offering is an act of worship, which becomes like a fragrance of incense to the Lord. Depending on the design on your banner, will determine whether you are offering a wave offering to the Lord, or doing something else like…
  • Warring in the Spirit, this is where the banner is used like a weapon in your hand as you move it. Often there is warfare as you enter into worship, if you are in a place with Shofar players, they will sound as you go to battle with your banner. The Lord uses this warring to break down strongholds of the enemy and to qwell the opposition to ‘True Worship’. When you have a banner in your hand, you are a threat to the enemy!
  • Dance instrument, many banners of a smaller size are fantastic to dance with, again it depends on the design in your hand as to the style of dance you are doing. Whatever you do, as long as it is done with the ‘right spirit’ the Holy Spirit leading you, it will glorify the Father. If you have been dancing without Banners, maybe you could consider incorporating Banners into your dances….
  • In a Prophetic Act, a number of years ago, I was at a conference gathering and the Lord had me lay down a large number of my Banners in a specific area. He had shown me that He wanted there to be a “highway of holiness”. Only certain people were permitted by God to ‘walk’ on this highway as a prophetic act, some were not allowed. Many of the designs I have made over the past years have been for quite specific ‘prophetic acts’.
  •  Prophetic Art, recently I was invited by a friend to make a small leaflet with one of my designs on it, to place in an art show. On it I included information about the design and about Prophetic Art. God can change the atmosphere where there is Prophetic Art.  There are so many idols and ungodly ‘artworks’ and imagery on display in our world. Prophetic Art is a passive way to enact change either in your home, or local area, through the dissemination of Holy Sprit inspired, word of God beautiful artwork!
  • Clothing, there was a period of time a few years ago, when i had a specific design the Lord had me wear as a scarf for a season. It affected me and those around me.

As I said earlier in this post, this list is not exhaustive… I am quite sure if you are mature in using Banners and listening to the Holy Spirit, you will have other ways the Lord has you using banners. I am really excited as I watch Father revealing more of Himself through the designs I make, and in the new and unique ways He has inspired people to use Banners. I am watching with great interest as the Father continues to refine my gifts even more and bring more detail and revelation to the designs I make, which seem to be more targeted in their use.

Blessings and Shalom


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