Our Spiritual DNA

Ruach Elohiym

As I spend time in worship and seeking the face of Father, i often wonder what is God’s agenda for now? I have seen an increase in prophetic revelation to those listening to the Lord diligently. Not only is there a greater measure, it is a more intense measure and sometimes frightening in it’s intensity.

In the area of prophetic art, the area of influence for this form of  ‘Artistic expression’ has expanded beyond my imaginings…I am quite convinced that technology has had an enormous influence on this rate of expansion. Along with more people becoming aware that God has specific ‘artisans’ in His army, is the understanding that these amazing ‘artisans’ are extremely gifted if somewhat ‘intense’!

I have at times realised that i am so passionate to be in the Father’s presence that I am probably not pleasant to live with! This seems to be the ilk of many artists the world over, in earlier times they were considered eccentric, or loners. Consider some of the renaissance painters, many of whom were incredibly ‘gifted’ and painted unbelievably accurate and amazing art! They also did strange things like being reclusive, cutting off their ears and dissecting human bodies! All in the name of ‘ART”. I can’t lay claim to any of these eccentricities but I do believe that art is definitely a gift of our wonderful and loving ‘ Creator’, after all God loves art! The Tabernacle and Temple were wonderful examples of the full expressions of art in many forms, and who commissioned them to be built – God Himself! Read Exodus 31, it is a wonderful encouragement to all artists!

So for now i am seeing that God’s agenda is to continue to ‘redeem’ that which He created and ordained in the first place, ART and ARTISTIC EXPRESSION. We are made in His image, and therefore have the creative DNA to be creative and produce amazing art to the Glory of God!

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