International Word and Worship Banners!

Dear Worshippers,

Once again I have a few spare minutes in between painting, putting silk on frames and steaming my artwork!

I am putting a couple of photos up on this post of some of the banners i have painted on ‘international assignment’!

It is always such a privilige to realise that Father allows the incredible artworks He has designed and given me the ability to paint, to travel overseas!

These photos are from dear friends who recently were in Israel at Be’er Sheva and also at Mt Carmel.

I am just so humbled to see these wonderful pictures, and know that Father had a part for me to fulfill in this assignment too!!

Blessings as you worship and praise His glorious Name!!



Be 'er Sheva Lighthorse (Spiritual ANZACS!)


Mt Carmel, Elijah's Altar of Righteousness

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