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Israel's Hope

This is the latest Banner design to come off the worktable. It is a design which originated with a vision given to a lady, and the Lord put the things in place so i got to hear about it.

This banner will be taken to Israel next month on assignment. There is so much in this design, here is some information about the design: 

First I felt led to investigate the ‘borders’ of the land given by God to Abraham and then to Moses, Joshua and also Ezekiel. As far as I can make out according to the scriptures, the ‘borders’ of Israel go as far south as El Arish, in fact the delta of El Arish , actually it is now a wadi(dry river bed), in times past this was known as the ‘river of Egypt’. The Northern borders stretch out into the north of Lebanon and over into Syria as far as the Euphrates (this was the case in Solomon’s reign). The Eastern borders seem to follow the river Jordan and border with Gilead (modern day Jordan) and down to the wilderness of Zin (which is the border with Edom / Saudi Arabia). So the shape of the ‘land’ is not the traditional shape on modern day maps.

I felt really strongly that the ‘land’ is the promise and so have done the borders of the land as best i can according to the promises in scripture: Numbers 34 and Ezekiel 47. On the banner I have also ‘skewed’ the land as though looking along the land from south to north, which is why it may not be recognisable as Israel.

On the land is the rock the bride was sitting on. I looked up photos of desert rocks in the Negev (southern desert) in Israel and found a photo of a quite square rock on a small hill with what looked like a heart shape on one end. 

 The bride has on a white dress, although as I prayed into the vision the Lord showed me that” the Bride is the land and the land is the bride”, and the land has in it the ‘seven species’ which I felt the Lord showed me represent the fruit of the spirit which the bride will display. So on her dress which flows out over the land and therefore becomes part of the land are the seven species, in color. Written across her dress in purple Hebrew it is written ‘i am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine”. From Song of Songs. Around her dress is the scripture from Song of Songs 2, “Arise come my beloved….”

There are also five new green leaves surrounding, the fruit on the bridal train, these are like the five fold ministries, but with a new anointing. On the right of the banner written in silver is Hebrew writing from Hosea 2:21 and 22, it says:And I will betroth thee unto Me for ever; yea, I will betroth thee unto Me in righteousness, and in justice, and in lovingkindness, and in compassion.  And I will betroth thee unto Me in faithfulness; and thou shalt know the LORD.This writing is written ‘along’ the land which makes it inclusive of the land. I remembered that Helen said the Lord spoke to her and said the bride would come in the ‘fires of affliction’. I researched the scriptures and found this verse reference in Isaiah 48. Verse 10 says:  See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction.

As you can see it speaks of the ‘furnace of affliction’, yet it speaks of Israel and therefore the bride! So this scripture is written down on the bottom right of the banner, around the Hebrew writing which says ‘Bride’, in Hebrew the word is Kallah. On the top left of the banner in the prayer shawl is written the Hebrew word for Bridegroom, Chatan. As you can see it is written in the jewish prayer shawl across the top of the banner. This is the Jewish Huppah or covering which the bride and groom get married under. They secure their betrothal with the legalities of the marriage under this covering, it symbolises the house they will build together, without walls, so as to be welcoming of friends and family into their home. The ‘ketubah’ or marriage covenant is read out publicly while the bride and groom stand under the huppah. When we get married our husband becomes our ‘covering’ so the prayer shawl represents Yeshua as our ‘covering, as well as the land and the bride and groom coming under this ‘huppah. It also reminds us of the scripture in Isaiah 62. Which is about Zion! How appropriate! That the land will be married!

As you can see around the borders of the land are flames, this is the furnace of affliction, as the bride is the land and the land the bride, this is why i put it around the land. Above the word bride on the bottom right is an almond branch, this has the meaning of ‘purity’. This reminded me of the ‘spotless, pure bride’ the almond also is the first tree to blossom, while everything else lies dormant and so in Hebrew the word is ‘ shaked.’:  “The almond, which needs little water, is the first fruit tree in Israel to wake from its winter dormancy, and bursts into bloom when the others are still bare and “asleep.” The Hebrew name for almond is thus “shaked”, meaning watchful, wakeful, diligent, or alert. “

I felt this truly represented the state the ‘bride’ needs to be in watchful, alert, wakeful as she awaits the bridegroom.

Blessings and love in the name of Yeshua


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