Dear Banner Wielding Warriors,

Hi Friends,

I seem to be constantly amazed by the Lord…I know I really shouldn’t be, after all He did create the Universe!

This year 2015 has begun extremely well. I am pleased to say that the creative expression God has poured into me has not diminished. I have updated my site slightly and so you can find me at wordworshipbanners.com.au from now on. I have had a burst of activity in the new designs arena and you will notice the new design up on the front page. If you would like to order any designs please continue to use the reply box on the site, this sends your email to me.  As always all of my designs are true to the first foundation of Banner making the Lord gave me… to seek Him for His design for the banners. All the Banners you will see on my site are inspired by Holy Spirit, many of them have an amazing story which goes with them, about God’s design and use for them. I have noticed a very definite increase in the expansion of the creative arts in the Kingdom of God over the past few years, it has been a privilege to be a part of that. All the Worship banners on my site have been designed by Holy Spirit and made by either myself, or by someone at one of my workshops. The designs are all original.

I do hope you will be blessed and will enjoy seeing the creative ways God uses us to bring His Word, His beauty and creativity into our world!



This site is dedicated to the promotion and use of worship banners which are used to glorify The Lord And honour him. Each page has a photo collage which may be clicked on to zoom in for more details.